Our practice is based on the belief that social change happens through the engagement of issues at the grassroots. We believe that learning comes from working together as a group and exploring our lived experiences both collectively and individually. As facilitators, our key role is to design an environment where learning and sharing can take place.

What We Offer

We offer a series of one-off workshops and courses to schools, youth groups and individuals. Our workshops can be seen to link to many aspects of the curriculum including the areas of Geography, Politics, Sociology, History, PHSE, Art, Design and Technology.

Benefits Of Our Practice

By using interactive facilitation techniques that are participatory and engaging to students we aim to increase both their interest in the subjects being taught and their self-confidence, which has been shown to increase exam performance and increase student opinion of a particular subject (Madar, 2015; Duze, 2010). Beyond this, by linking topics to the daily lives of students, we aim to engage them in their wider community, which will have numerous benefits and is one of the key aims of the KS3 and KS4 citizenship curriculum.

Working With Us

We are happy to offer one off workshops or courses to different institutions and groups. However, we are very interested in developing long-term relationships with organisations and community groups, with the possibility of working on lasting, physical projects such as gardening and growing, building community spaces and collaborative installations.


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Helen Brewer is an artist and educator. She regularly works on creative media projects for young people in further education and secondary school. She is the project facilitator for Stop Play Record a national program supporting and mentoring students on independent film projects and Urban Voices an intensive film program specially curated for alternative provision schools. Brewer is qualified to deliver the Bronze and Silver Arts Award. The programs she has led has encouraged many students to engage with London’s creative industry and enter art and media courses in higher education.

Brewer studied Environmental Design and holds a Masters in Interior and Spatial Design. She is a regular guest critic for 2nd and 3rd year BA Interior Architecture students at the University of Westminster and Interior and Spatial Design students at Chelsea College of Art.

She is an editor for STRIKE! magazine.

Ali Tamlit is an activist and facilitator. He has been facilitating workshops for the past five years in academic, activist and school settings. He is a member of London Roots facilitation collective and has been trained in ‘direct education’ methodologies. He holds a Geography Bsc and International Development and Management Msc and is passionate about translating academic knowledge into language that is useful at the grassroots level.