Was the content and the delivery of the workshop as you expected?

2/7/2016 – I wasn’t sure what to expect especially as the young people are home educated. The content and delivery was appropriate and thought provoking.

16/11/2015 – Content yes, and most of the delivery. Great games and ice breaking activities. The plenary at the end with the blue cards was a good idea – they liked that.

15/11/2015 – Yes it was excellent.

5/11/2015 – It was an excellent workshop! The content and delivery were very good with lots of interactive stuff and discussion. It’s not always easy to engage our service users but you did a really fantastic job of it! They were all enthusiastic until the end!

2/11/2015 – Yes I was pleased with the content of the workshop, the interactive activities were fun and geared at their level of understanding. I was happy that the workshop was broad, looked at overview of issues and respected all ideas of the group as opposed to being skewed towards a specific agenda.

26/10/2015 – The content of the workshop exceeded our expectations. The topics were relevant and engaging and varied.

Do you feel the workshop benefited your group? If so, how?

2/7/2016 – Yes it made them think about things that they were aware of but perhaps hadn’t articulated to themselves and each other. It gave them an open and secure space to do that. It also allowed them to think the worst and then move toward what they could do about it – moving from dark thoughts and a bleak future to action!

16/11/2015 – Yes – the issues discussed were relevant to both year 12 and year 13 for their A Level courses. It enabled both year groups to learn from each other and to use resources (videos/photographs) to practice analysing different themes.

15/11/2015 – Excellent – they felt more enthusiastic in their study of Politics and Sociology in particular afterwards

5/11/2015 – It was appropriate for the client group i.e. easy to follow and relevant issues. I think it was beneficial for the group as it got them thinking about issues that affect them. I hope they have been deliberating the content since the workshop!

5/11/2015 – Yes, it seemed to allow the group to discuss their opinions and discuss topics that people will not normally talk about. It allowed people to open up and talk about topics that are rather sensitive in a safe setting.

2/11/2015 – Yes, I feel that it got them thinking about global issues and about how actions within our country greatly affect peoples life outcomes in the 3rd world.

26/10/2015 – I feel the workshops benefited the group a lot. It allowed them to make connections to the wider world from there personal and local actions. It helped them put things in to perspective and inspired them to take action

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