Earth First Summer Gathering

August 9 – August 14 2017
Location Cuffley, Hertfordshire

Info on how to reach the site:

So here’s the info finally!

We’re running to workshops at this years Earth First! Gathering:

First on Weds the 9th at 5.30pm we’re running: Seeing beyond the crisies: the role of speculative fiction

In these times of Trump, austerity and looming catastrophic climate change it’s sometimes hard to envision that another world is still possible. In this workshop we’ll look at how the speculative fiction of Ursula le Guin, Marge Piercy, Starhawk and others can help us to keep imagining better futures in order for us to fight for them now.

Then on Thurs the 10th at 3.15pm we’re holding a workshop called: So you want to change the world, huh?

Which will ask: is social change possible in our current context? Do we still believe in revolution or utopia? In this interactive workshop we will explore the emotions of living in our times of crisis and then take a look at some of the strategies and theories of change that might help us take a step in the direction of radical social change

Come along and join the discussions!

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